About Geelong Mortgage Advisers

Geelong Mortgage Adviser pride themselves on providing the most comprehensive, user friendly and competitive home loan mortgage broker service in the Geelong region. We have the local knowledge you need to choose the right type of mortgage and lender choice. We work with all major, and minor and specialise mortgage lenders in the Geelong region, and our quality service means that we use our local relationships for your benefit, to get you the best home loan.

David Parrington, the owner of Geelong Mortgage Advisers is fully qualified and accredited, and ready to help you avoid the expensive traps and pitfalls of new home loan finance. If you are considering a new home loan or mortgage, wondering how you can unlock the equity in your home, call David first to book a no obligation appointment.

Whether purchasing your first home, doing a new home build, planning to build, moving into your second next home, purchasing investment property or just looking for a better deal on your existing home loan, let our friendly service provide you with the information you need.

Wading through all the products, comparison rates, terms and conditions can be daunting, and choosing the wrong type of mortgage or mortgage rate can be very costly and stressful. Your borrowing capacity will also vary from lender to lender, in some cases as much as $200,000!

Don’t be overwhelmed, we are the experts in all types of mortgage and local mortgage lenders including:

  • New Home Construction Loans and Mortgages – including owner builder loans
  • Your next home mortgage
  • Refinancing Home Loans and Mortgages, and;
  • Investment Property Home Loans and mortgages.

Call us today to see how much we can save you on your home loan and get a better deal from a lender.