From home loan to own home

By May 31, 2018 Blog

Three ways to get more from your mortgage

When you’re juggling the costs of raising a family while saving for the future, it can be hard to imagine ever actually owning your home outright.

But that’s just what an offset home loan could offer. A smarter way to home ownership – without sacrificing the holidays or fun weekends that make up a lifetime of family memories.

Young families often have a single or reduced income, just when expenses are at their highest.  For some of our clients, reduced disposable income is a real challenge, it feels like they are only just keeping their head above water. Then fear creeps in, because they also want to set aside enough for the kids’ education – or having another baby.

The tension between paying for today’s expenses without ignoring tomorrow’s needs is undeniably stressful. But if you have a home loan, there are three simple ways you can get your money to work a little harder for you.

1. Protect your family’s lifestyle today

The important first step is to make sure you’re paying the most competitive rate possible. With interest rates at an all-time low, there is no excuse for not shopping around.

Plus, if you’ve built up some equity in your home loan over the past few years, your loan to value ratio may have improved. This is the amount of your loan, as a percentage against the value of your property, and as it goes down your chance of a better rate goes up.

This is just simple math. Check the loan calculator to see how much you could save over the term of your loan with a slightly lower rate – and you’ll see how much difference it could make to your family’s cash flow.

2. Pay off your home loan sooner

Rather than pocket (and spend) what you save on repayments, put it straight into your offset account. If you keep paying this as well as your old repayment amount, you’ll pay your home loan off sooner – and save even more on interest over the life of the loan.

That’s if interest rates don’t change of course. But if (or when) they do, you’ll also have a buffer to ease the pain.

3. Add more offsets to control your budget

This is an important part of your strategy.

If you really do want to pay your home loan off sooner (and pay less interest), you shouldn’t just dip into that offset if you feel like booking a holiday, doing up the bathroom or paying off the credit card after a blow-out family Christmas. This can be very tempting when you can see those savings there, and they’re at call. But you need to set it, and then forget it’s there.

Some lenders offers multiple home loan offset accounts that all work together to reduce your home loan interest. You create several different offset accounts: set up one for holidays, one for Christmas gifts, one for renovations and one for future school fees.

This way you still get the benefit of all your savings reducing the interest on your home loan, but also have the peace of mind you’re setting aside enough for future needs.

Your Geelong Mortgage Adviser will help you correctly structure your home loan and banking accounts to ensure they fit your lifestyle whilst maximising your home loan interest saving.  Call today for a free home loan review. 0467 198 549