Investment Property Home Loans & Mortgages

At a glance

Geelong Mortgage Advisers can provide you with all the information you need on the best mortgage for you (minus the jargon) and negotiate:

  • Experts in investment property home loans and mortgages
  • Structure your investment property home loan in the most tax effective way
  • Build wealth and security
  • Use the equity in your existing home as your deposit
  • Pre-approvals
  • Investment property mortgage calculators and Stamp Duty & government charges calculators
  • Best products and deals for you to compare home loans.

Time to invest?

Property investment is a very popular way to ensure your financial future and build your wealth. But choosing the right vehicle to finance your investment is just as important as choosing the right property to invest in.

How can Geelong Mortgage Advisers help?

Geelong Mortgage Advisers are your local lending experts in investment property home loans and mortgages so that your investment loan helps you build wealth as your property investment increases in value.

We will help you to understand all aspects of applying for an investment home loan including:

  • Your borrowing capacity
  • How to use your equity in your existing home as a deposit for your investment property
  • Loan structuring so it is tax effective
  • Repayment options.

We have access to the best property investment mortgages and using our mortgage calculator means you know your borrowing power before you apply for an investment home loan. We work across a wide range of lenders, so you can compare home loans.

What do I need to know?

If you are considering converting your existing home into an investment property we can help. If you are considering upgrading your existing investment property, before renovating speak to us too.

Our Property Market Reports also give you the latest up to date information so you have all the new listings, auctions and recent sales. This complimentary report means not only do you receive the best investment property home loan advice from Geelong Mortgage Advisers, but that you also get the best deal: the purchase price of your new investment.